QuestionHey I just wanted to ask if you were okay ... Answer

I’m fine … Read my text , if you haven’t I’m starting to talk to Val again .

Dear Kiara . I don’t wanna do any more damage. I’ve done more than I can think . You and luis have something I’ve never seen before. As much as it hurts me to let you go I’m doin it for you . So that you can be happy . If god lets me come back when you need it the most he will let me . For now it’s goodbye I’m gonna delete you and turn off my phone for a couple of Days . Don’t take this the wrong way .. Please if you trust me you’ll understand that I Did this for you .. I’ll be here to comfort you when all is bad . Now only time will tell and I’m going I pray to god that you and him work out . Don’t worry I’ll always be your friend it’s only that true friends that you can trust will do what’s right for you .
- Isaac

QuestionCan you txt? ... If you wanna talk more Cuz I'm tired of going on here Answer

Yea want my number? It’s (540) 707-1084

QuestionHa alright... They do suk lol ... For soccer I'm in sasc .. Yu? Answer

Right now i play for the South San Jose tigers . I use to play with Santa Clara sporting with my cousins :p

Questionsports is my life .. soccer <3 , volleyball, and basketball ... do you only play soccer? Answer

I play football and basket too it’s just that this year I wanna focus just on soccer .
Dam :D you think you an beat me on a game of 1-1 !

I’ll take it easy ahaha. Your probably too good to be playing with them :) Are you in team ?
Questionnah its in sunnyvale Answer

That’s hella close ! I go to willow glen in San Jose !

Questionhi isaac im kiara (: haha soo what grade you in? Answer

I’m in the 11th grade and you :)?

Questionawww i just read what you wrote bout how you found me which i still think is weird :p but haha thanx for the compliment if it was one lol (: Answer

No there’s plenty where that came from :D

Questionoh i forgot ..whats your name? Answer

My name is Isaac nice to meet you :)

QuestionRandom but how did you find me? Answer

I think I replied back ^_^ idk the new phone update is weird